Ko Shin Moon






January 30th
Live @FGO-Barbara / Bientôt demain #5 / Paris, France

August 30th - September 3rd
Live @Atlas Electronic Festival / Marrakech, Maroc


December 22nd
Live + Cheb Gero @Lieu unique / Soirée pas normale / Nantes, France

December 15th
Live @Akuphone Birthday/ Le Chinois / Montreuil, France

December 8th
Live @Le Zorba / Paris, France

December 2nd
Live @Macao / Kopuntu presenta "Confusion" / Milano, Italy

November 9th
Live @Péniche cinéma / Paris, France

November 2-4th
Live @Rituel 1 / Rennes, France

October 28th
Live @Le Bourg / Lausanne, Switzerland

October 25th
Live / Geneva, Switzerland

October 1st
Live @Une nuit au camping / Les Grands voisins - Paris

September 24th
DJset @Soirée de clotûre du FLIMM / DOC - Paris

September 17th
Live @Global Street Sounds / Ancienne Belgique - Bruxelles

September 15th
Ouverture de saison du FGO-Barbara with Maud Octallin / Église Saint-Bernard de la Chapelle - Paris

August 23rd
Live @Festival Silhouette - Soirée d'ouverture / À la Folie - Paris

July 8th
Live @Borgofuturo festival / Ripe San Ginesio, Italy

July 2nd
Live @Festival Beat and Beer - Malakoff

June 21st
DJ set @Baudrillard Street One - Fête de la musique / Paris

June 10th
Live @Au bon coin - Thomery

June 6th
Interview by Radio Campus Paris - On veut du solide

May 27th
Axel Moon with Cheb Gero @Le Zorba - Paris

May 22nd 2017
Guest @Orienté by Guido Cesarsky - Le Mellotron / Paris

Apr.22nd 2017
Live @Le Zorba - Paris

Feb.8th 2017
Live @Le Batofar / Aperoboat Akuphone + Ko Shin Moon - Paris